Wound Care Before Urgent Care

Here are three things to do to take care of your wound before going to an urgent care facility.

1. Clean the Wound

The most effective way to clean a scrape, cut or puncture would is with cool water. Run cool water over the wound. Use a soft washcloth and soap to clean the skin, trying your best to keep soap out of the wound. Sanitized tweezers can be used to remove dirt from the wound.

2. Bleeding

Bleeding actually helps to clean out the wound. Most small scrapes and cuts won’t bleed for a long amount of time. Using a clean cloth, apply firm but gentle pressure to stop the bleeding. If the blood soaks through, don’t take the cloth off. Keep applying more gauze or additional cloths of top of what is already in place and keep applying pressure.

3. Do I Need a Bandage?

Don’t cover the wound if it’s in an area that won’t get dirty or rubbed. Leaving the wound uncovered will help it to stay dry and heal quickly. If it is in an area that can get dirty, cover it with an adhesive bandage.

Once you have taken these steps, go to an injury care facility in San Diego if the wound appears to need professional care, visit this website.

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