The Benefits of Drug Testing Your Employees

Businesses who don’t test their employees for drugs will likely see absenteeism, an increase in turnover, employee fraud and theft and regulatory compliance issues. Research has shown that substance abusers are about 33 percent less productive and actually cost their employers about $7,000 annually. Here are some reasons for why drug testing is beneficial.

1. Fewer Accidents

There will be fewer accidents and mistakes in the workplace because employees aren’t working while impaired.

2. Decrease in Absenteeism and Increased Productivity

You will see a marked decrease in absenteeism, problems with supervisors and theft on the job. Productivity, competitiveness and employee moral will be increased.

3. Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Any employee who loses his job after a positive drug test may forfeit his eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits. If an injured employee refuses a drug test, he too, could lose workers’ compensation eligibility. Finally, on a post accident drug test where the employee tests positive, he will likely not be entitled to receive benefits from workers’ compensation.

These are some of the practical reasons for implementing drug-testing policies in the workplace. Drug screening in San Diego is worth the effort and will likely save your business money by increasing its efficiency. Please visit the website for additional information on this topic.

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